The Flattening Curve and #BoicotOXXO

This week in Mexico has been all about how the government keeps saying that we have tamed the pandemic and the curve of confirmed cases has been flattened. Really. Mexico has had it’s worse week to date, and what can we possibly expect given that they decided to start the “new normal” on June 1st smack in the middle of an increasing number of confirmed cases and deaths. We have surpassed 170,000 confirmed cases (with very limited testing) and over 20,000 deaths which estimates say is only about 25% of the real number. Yet the president is out on tour and saying that the Mexican people have heeded the call and done their part to beat this virus. Lies, lies and more lies. That seems to be the staple of this presidency.

In other news, #boicotOXXO went viral after the owner of OXXO’s parent, FEMSA, José Antonio Fernández accepted the government’s demands to pay the SAT (equivalent of IRS) 9,000 million pesos in back taxes, but tweeted that if it were necessary he would put up double that amount to get the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador out of office in 2022. That lit up twitter from AMLO supporters asking for a boycott of the popular convenience store OXXO and Coca Cola (which is also owned by FEMSA). In fact, many people blamed OXXO and Coca Cola on the obesity and diabetes problem in the Mexican population. Here at Axit Health we would like to remind people that everyone is responsible for their own health and what it is that they are putting in their mouth. We invite you to Take Control of Your Health, it is the only way to get healthier.

Until next week…

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