Axit Health launch!

We are excited to launch Axit Health which turns out to be much larger and versatile than what was originally planned. There are standards and guidelines that need to be followed in order for any business to reopen. Those standards include a system for monitoring and following up on possible COVID-19 cases, contact tracing and quarantines of employees, students and the community at-large.

Axit Health provides just that, an app for the employee, parent or community member to reporte possible symptoms and a web-based management platform for the organization. This is all aligned with our patient-centered model in which the individual is the owner of their health care record and chooses to share it with any organization that they want. Axit Health provides power to the individual to take responsibility and control of their health and well-being. It allows them to share their health data with a service provider specific to what that provider requires, protecting confidential data on both sides, but creating a powerful alliance to benefit the health and wellness of each individual.

More to come soon…

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